sometimes success is just showing up

Elections are won by those who show up. The 59.7% turnout in the 2016 Presidential election actually looks pretty good when you compare it to state and local elections. In 2015, turnout for the Virginia State Legislative elections was 29.1% - even though state races impact your checkbook and your body.

Worse, for the roughly 29% of registered voters who voted in 2015, only 29% of them had the opportunity to vote for their Delegate. That’s because of 100 House of Delegate seats, only 29 had both major parties vying for the seat. 71 elections were left uncontested. Ultimately 8.4% of Virginians got to vote for their representation in the House of Delegates.

Our map shows the uncontested districts around Virginia. Explore the map, see the opportunity, and act.

2015 Virginia House of Delegates Race

  • Republican won - no Democratic challenger
  • Republican won against Democrat
  • Democrat won

Hover over districts for information. Click a district to learn more about its Representative.

Source: Virginia Dept of Elections

Of those 71 uncontested seats, 27 were won by Democrats, and 44 by Republicans.  Before anyone had cast their ballot, the Democrats had effectively given the entire Legislative Chamber to the Republicans.

these seats are winnable for Democrats

The belief that these seats are uncontested because they are unwinnable for Democrats is wrong. Even in very partisan districts there is no such thing as a “safe seat” when only 29% of voters show up. Any race can be won with the right candidate and message, turning out voters.

take action

In 2017, Virginia's entire House of Delegates is up for election. In 2018, dozens of states will hold elections. We need a Democrat to run in every district!