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+ The Problem

Virginia’s House of Delegates has become more and more Republican since 1999, when the Democrats lost their majority. With 66 Republicans and 34 Democrats, the House has been able to draw gerrymandered Congressional maps that benefit Republicans, and it’s passed voting laws that suppress the minority vote. Because of lax gun control legislation, Virginia is the number one source of illegal firearms in the country. This year, the House of Delegates passed legislation to defund sanctuary cities.

How can this be, in a state that has voted blue in the past three presidential elections? Republicans have simply competed in more districts and raised more money for candidates. This year, we plan to change that.

+ The Opportunity

Since the 2016 election, we’ve seen the power of progressive grassroots action. We worked together to defend immigrants and stop the ACA repeal, and we turned out in unprecedented numbers to support Democrats in special elections. Our next step is to flip a record number of seats in Virginia’s state legislature. By electing Democrats to Virginia’s House of Delegates, we’ll set the stage for progressive policies, fairer district lines, and voter empowerment.

Virginia provides a unique opportunity to elect Democrats. The state has been trending blue, as evidenced by the 17 districts that voted for Hillary but are still represented by a Republican delegate. Virginia’s campaign finance regulations allow for close collaboration between grassroots fundraising groups and campaigns. We’ve been able to work with campaign managers, Virginia’s House Democratic Caucus, and political action committees to ensure a coordinated effort on the ground.

+ How You Can Help

You can help flip Virginia by donating or volunteering.

The Flip Virginia Fund is a Virginia Political Action Committee that directly distributes funds to Democratic candidates running in flippable districts. Help us reach our goal of raising $125,000 by the Democratic primary on June 13. After the primary, we’ll distribute funding to candidates based on seat “flippability” and the funding gap between Democrats and Republicans.

You can learn more about our flippability model here and read about the candidates by clicking into the map above.