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Both chambers of New Hampshire's legislature flipped blue, with our candidates helping flip the state Senate.


New Hampshire

New Hampshire is no longer a red state. After taking control of the state government in 2016, the New Hampshire GOP aggressively slashed higher education funding and attempted to suppress the college student vote. But with Democrats in control of both the state House and the state Senate—the latter of which our candidates helped flip blue—that narrative can change.

The Landscape

Democrats flipped 59 seats in the New Hampshire State House and four seats in the State Senate to win control of the state legislature in the 2018 midterms.

NH House of Representatives

Flipped in 2018 400 seats up for election in 2020

Majority 234 D 166 R
234 Democratic seats - 61 flipped in 2018 166 Republican seats - 3 flipped in 2018
NH State Senate

Flipped in 2018 24 seats up for election in 2020

Majority 14 D 10 R
14 Democratic seats - 5 flipped in 2018 10 Republican seats - 1 flipped in 2018
NH Governor - Chris Sununu (R)

Incumbent Republican Governor Chris Sununu defeated Democrat Molly Kelly and will remain governor of New Hampshire.

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The Stakes


Tax cuts to corporations

Over the past two years, Governor Sununu has signed a budget that gives $100 million in tax cuts to the wealthiest 3% of corporations while investing $0 in workforce development.


Rank for opioid deaths per capita nationally

New Hampshire needs supportive funding and programs to deal with the effects of its opioid crisis. The state is tied with Ohio for the 2nd highest number of opioid-related deaths per capita, and experiences the most fentanyl-related deaths per capita in the country.


Decrease in university funding

State funding for universities has decreased by 35% since 1988, adjusting for inflation and population growth. New Hampshire has the highest in-state tuition rate and the highest level of average student loan debt in the nation.

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