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Our candidates helped flip the Minnesota State House blue.



For years, Minnesota's Republican state legislature has prevented the passage of broadly-supported policies that could transform gun control, environmental protections, and healthcare. But with a Democratic governor-elect and a blue state House—which our candidates helped flip—the North Star State is on the path to a brighter future.

The Landscape

Democrats flipped 18 seats to win control of the Minnesota State House in the 2018 midterms. Control of the state Senate remains with Republicans.

MN House of Representatives

Flipped in 2018 134 seats up for election in 2020

Majority 75 D 59 R
75 Democratic seats - 18 flipped in 2018 59 Republican seats - 0 flipped in 2018
MN State Senate

1 seat needed to
flip this chamber in 2020

Majority 33 D 34 R
33 Democratic seats - 33 up for election 34 Republican seats - 34 up for election
MN Governor-Elect - Tim Walz (D)

Democrat Tim Walz defeated Republican Jeff Johnson to become the next governor of Minnesota.

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The Stakes


Minnesotans supporting background checks for all gun sales

Despite the majority of Minnesotans supporting criminal background checks for all gun sales, the Republican-controlled Senate has blocked multiple bills proposing expanded background checks and 'red flag' protective orders.


Contributed to state GDP by immigrants, including resettled refugees

Minnesota leads the nation in resettled refugees per capita, setting a national example and bolstering its economy.


State waters impaired or polluted

Some 40% of Minnesota's rivers and lakes are contaminated by pollutants. The legislature stalled at considering implementation of environmental protections and investment in the state's aging water treatment infrastructure.

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