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Progress Made

Democrats made progress in both legislative chambers with our candidates' help.

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After eight years of a GOP trifecta, enabled by extreme gerrymandering back in 2011, Michigan is finally on the road to good government! The Great Lakes State has a Democratic governor-elect, we helped flip seats in the state House and state Senate, and voters passed ballot measures for an independent redistricting commission and comprehensive voting reform. Now, as a result, the people of Michigan will be heard.

The Landscape

Both chambers of the Michigan state legislature remain under Republican control. Democrats flipped five seats in the state House and five seats in the state Senate in the 2018 midterms.

MI House of Representatives

Made progress in 2018 110 seats up for election in 2020

Majority 52 D 58 R
52 Democratic seats - 6 flipped in 2018 58 Republican seats - 1 flipped in 2018
MI State Senate

Made progress in 2018 38 seats up for election in 2022

Majority 16 D 22 R
16 Democratic seats - 5 flipped in 2018 22 Republican seats - 0 flipped in 2018
MI Governor-Elect - Gretchen Whitmer (D)

Democrat and former state legislator Gretchen Whitmer defeated Republican Bill Schuette to become the next governor of Michigan.

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The Stakes


National rank for student proficiency growth

A lack of adequate state funding for schools is leaving Michigan students behind. The state has consistently ranked last in the country for growth in students' proficiency scores since 2003.


Residents exposed to lead

Negligent policies exposed the 100,000 residents of the city of Flint to lead and other contaminants. The city has not had clean drinking water since 2014.

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Most gerrymandered states in America

An analysis by Princeton University’s Gerrymandering Project found that the Republican advantage in Michigan’s state House districts only had a 1-in-16,000 likelihood of happening by chance, and were explicitly drawn to disenfranchise Democratic voters.

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