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Since we launched in 2016, 132 of our candidates have been elected in game-changing state races. We didn’t do it alone: over 100K people got involved by volunteering, spreading the word, and joining forces to donate over $12M. Together, we’re making progressive change a reality!



Candidates elected with Flippable's support


State chambers flipped with Flippable's support


Raised for candidates with Flippable and Swing Left's support

Electoral Highlights

We flipped Virginia's entire General Assembly

Between 2017 and 2019, we supported 30 candidates running for House of Delegates and State Senate in Virginia. Not only did we help flip both chambers, but our efforts had immediate policy impact, leading to the passage of Medicaid expansion in 2018.

We flipped Colorado blue

We supported three candidates for the Colorado State Senate in 2018, all of whom won their districts. Together, they flipped the entire Senate blue—which will allow Democrats to pass critical legislation in Colorado without gridlock.

Policy Impact

Voting rights in Washington

After Flippable candidate Manka Dhingra flipped a seat and gave Democrats a majority in the State Senate, Washington passed automatic voter registration and a state Voting Rights Act.

Healthcare access in Virginia

In 2017, our community powered historic flips in the Virginia House of Delegates. Our candidates then successfully fought to extend healthcare coverage to 400,000 Virginians—an achievement that fueled Democrats’ victories in 2019.

Equal pay in Colorado

After her win gave Democrats control of the State Senate in 2018, Flippable alum Jessie Danielson sponsored the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which Governor Jared Polis signed into law in May 2019.