how many votes would it take?

This Saturday, Louisianans will go to the polls to select their next U.S. Senator. This is our last opportunity to gain power in a Republican-controlled Senate.

Let’s do our part by making sure that Louisiana voters get to the polls and vote for Foster Campbell.

We’ve created an interactive map (based on the Senate race in 2014) to help us understand what it will take to win. Scroll over the map to see how many additional votes were needed in 2014 for each individual district, establishing the baseline for what we need this Saturday:

Thanks to the recent election of Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, we know these left-leaning voters exist, but we need to organize them and make sure that they go to the polls tomorrow.


Democrat Mary Landrieu lost her U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana in 2014. Had an additional 176,566 Democrats turned out, she would have secured a 50.1% margin of victory over her Republican opponent, Bill Cassidy. After distributing that amount over all the precincts in LA given the voter turnout in 2014, we have come up with this map showing how many extra votes were needed in each precinct.