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We’ve reached a pivotal moment for our democracy.

The difference between electing Democrats vs. Republicans to our state legislatures couldn’t be more stark. It’s the difference between spending $100 or $100,000 on life-saving medications. The difference between gun laws that protect our communities or enrich the NRA. The difference between living in a democracy—or seeing our rights stripped away.

Today, you can help us flip our country around.

With the Flippable Fund: the simplest, most effective way to fuel the blue wave through the states. Your donation will support Democrats running for state-level office in 10 key states. By joining the Flippable Fund, you’ll be stepping up for democracy—and taking charge of our country’s direction.


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You contribute to the Flippable Fund

Grassroots donations go a long way in state elections, so your contribution could make the difference in a key race. Chip in $5 or $50 to power the blue wave.

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Your donation supports multiple candidates

Donations to the Flippable Fund are pooled together and then distributed amongst all Flippable candidates through the use of different state and federal PACs. By getting in early, you can make sure that our candidates start strong and finish even stronger.

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We keep you involved

Once you’ve joined the Flippable Fund, we won’t pester you with endless donation asks. Instead, we’ll share state news, campaign updates, & political progress reports.