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Power the blue wave by joining the Flippable Fund

In November, over 6,000 state seats will be up for election nationwide. The difference between electing Democrats vs. Republicans to those seats couldn’t be more stark. It’s the difference between spending $100 or $100,000 on life-saving medications. The difference between gun laws that protect our communities or enrich the NRA. The difference between living in a democracy—or seeing our rights stripped away.

The Flippable Fund is the simplest, most effective way to fuel the national blue wave—and flip our country around. Donations to our PAC will support Democrats running for state-level office in 2018. We’ll cut through the noise by selecting 100 excellent candidates in strategic districts. You’ll advance a powerful, data-driven movement that’s already seen results. By joining the Flippable Fund, you’ll be stepping up for democracy—and taking charge of our country’s direction.

You subscribe to the Flippable Fund

Grassroots donations go a long way in state elections, so your monthly contribution could make the difference in a key race. Chip in $5 or $50 a month to power the blue wave.

We support candidates

We give money to Democratic candidates as they launch their campaigns. In 2018, we’re supporting 100 inspiring candidates in strategic districts. By getting in early, you can make sure that candidates start strong and finish even stronger.

We keep you involved

Once you’ve joined the Flippable Fund, we won’t pester you with endless donation asks. We’ll plug you in to meaningful volunteer opportunities, and we’ll share state news, campaign updates, & political progress reports.

Margaret Good 72 cropped
Florida outline
FL House District 72 (Sarasota)
Representative-elect Margaret Good
Flipped! Margaret Good won by a margin of 52% to 45%.
Helen Tai cropped
Pennsylvania outline
PA House District 178 (Philadelphia area)
D - Candidate: Helen Tai
"We must level the playing field so that all children have the same opportunity."
spagnuolo tall
New Hampshire outline
NH House District Belknap 3 (Laconia)
D - Candidate: Phil Spagnuolo
"I think we need Representatives who understand first hand the challenges that are facing our community"
Ana Marie Ramos 102 cropped
TX House District 102 (Dallas)
D - Candidate: Ana-Maria Ramos
"As a teacher, attorney and community activist, I have dedicated my professional career to fighting for racial justice."
Brandy Chamber 112
TX House District 112 (Dallas)
D - Candidate: Brandy K. Chambers
"It is time to bring compassion, community and equity back to the laws of Texas."
Maria Collet 12
Pennsylvania outline
PA Senate District 12 (Philadelphia area)
D - Candidate: Maria Collett
"It has never been more important to elect people to our State Senate who will represent the voices of all Pennsylvanians."
Katie Muth 44
Pennsylvania outline
PA Senate District 44 (Philadelphia area)
D - Candidate: Katie Muth
"Healthcare is a human right and every human being deserves guaranteed access and coverage."
Cattanach Duffy
TX House District 108 (Dallas)
D - Candidates: Joanna Cattanach, Zac Duffy
Joanna and Zac are running to unseat a Republican in a district that Clinton won by 5% in 2016.
coming up michigan
Coming up: Michigan

Minnesota State Capitol Activists
How Democrats Can Win
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